Back to the Basics of the Big Book
A Simple Introduction to the Solution

Open to "everyone interested in a spiritual way of life.

September 2014 Event Sessions


These files are recordings of Wally Paton, the author of the book, Back to Basics, taking the audience through the 12 Steps in one day. They were recorded live at the Sparrow Auditorium in Lansing, MI on September 13, 2014.

These sessions represent the four weekly sessions that we do in Back to Basics. These sessions begin on session one on the first Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM and take place at the Alano East Club in Lansing, MI. Sessions two follows on the following Sunday and so on through the month.

We are posting this information on the website to assist those that are unable to attend our Weekly Sessions of Back to Basics, at the Alano East Club in Lansing Michigan.

We hope that they bless the visitors to our website as they have blessed those of us that facilitate them and the 300,000 people that have taken all four sessions since 1997.