Back to the Basics of the Big Book
A Simple Introduction to the Solution

Open to "everyone interested in a spiritual way of life.

Weekly Meetings Schedule

The Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book Beginner's Meeting

2:00 PM Sunday at A.C.E.

During this powerful and concise four week program we will cover the Back to Basics approach to step-work, meditation, and sponsorship.


Beginning on the first Sunday of each month these four one hour sessions are held on four consecutive Sundays at the Alano East Club in Lansing, MI. There is no cost for the sessions.  Books and all materials are provided.

If you're a beginner, we offer you a safe and welcoming environment that will concisely introduce you to guiding principles of AA recovery over the course of the month:

"It takes away some of the mystery. It makes the step work easy, relevant, and exciting. "

   - Previous Back to Basics participant.

If you are a person with moderate or longer term recovery; we offer you an effective and nonjudgmental environment to complete or reconnect with your step work and revitalize your program of recovery.

"It answers all the questions I've had about the program and how it actually works."

   - Previous Back to Basics participant.



Nearly 80 years ago a couple of fellows in Akron, Ohio, discovered success in overcoming alcohol addiction.

The program Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith formulated worked, and the Twelve Steps have worked so well that people with every sort of addiction have used them as a path to wellness, and a new life.

They had great success in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  But unfortunately the numbers, while hard to quantify exactly, do not seem to indicate even remotely the great success there once was.

The four sessions, held one session per week of "Back to Basics, "are held for the purpose of giving people a simple and straightforward knowledge of how to begin, and live, a life free of addiction.

The four sessions begin on the first Sunday of each month and are held each week at the Alano East Club in Lansing, MI.  There is no cost for the sessions.

Back to Basics is all about 'Changing the world - one life at a time,' providing once again the message of hope to countless, still-suffering alcoholics, both inside and outside the rooms of AA."

Those who have already had their lives changed are encouraged to attend to be refreshed and renewed in the steps.  As stated in "Back To Basics" by Wally P."This instruction is not a short-cut to AA.  It is an introduction –a brief course in the fundamentals."


Those interested may contact Taylor S. at 517-488-9940 or Jim C. 517-332-3754


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